Interior Repellents For Rats

The rats and mice are those species of rodents which mostly like to live inside the houses and apartments. Since these rodents get sufficient amount of food from here, they always prefer to live in paces like these. Inside the house and apartments these rodents also get sufficient secure from their predators like the snakes, eagles, hawks and owls. Since they find these places totally secure they also breed in these places and increase their population. The rats and mice creep into the house through the small gaps, holes and vents inside the house.

Repellents For RatsThey sometimes climb up the tall pipe lines to get inside the house. As the rats always wander around in search of food items they get into the dust bins and garbage. As a result of which they are always dirty and carry harmful germs with them. Thus they create different types of diseases by infesting in the food items and the cooking utensils. They also use to make destruction of the home appliances.

In order to solve these problems there are different rodent control products but most of these products mean to be hazardous as there exist toxic pesticides and lethal rat traps which require high level of precautions. These rodent control products require to be kept in far off places from the reach of children and pet animals. The rats and mice killed by these rodent control products also create pollution if the corpse of the rats and mice are not noticed out earlier and disposed to far off places. The pollution caused by the corpse of the rats and mice can also cause very harmful diseases to the humans as well as the pet animals in the house. So in order to overcome these drawbacks of rodent control traps and pesticides, there are modern repellents which are truly eco-friendly and do not cause any sort of pollution in the house and surroundings.

One of these eco-friendly products is the liquid rat repellent which is made from the natural organic herbs and do not contain any percentage of toxic elements. This liquid rat repellent comes in bottles which are generally spray bottles which helps to spray this repellent into deep corners of the rooms. The main natural constituent used in this rat repellent is the peppermint oil which generates the fragrance of mint flavour. So while spraying this repellent it generates the smell of mint flavour and produces a fresh fragrance around the rooms of the house. On the other hand it also develops the smell of cat’s body which cannot be smelled by the humans. Since the cats are one of the fearful predators of the rats and mice, they immediately flee from the house fearing the presence of cats. Thus this type of liquid rat repellent simply repels the rats from the house without causing harm to rats and even the humans and pet animals.

There also exists the electronic rat repellent which consists of only the electronic components that combine together to develop high frequency sound. This high frequency sound cannot be heard of the human ears and are available in different models which can be easily installed in any of the three pin electrical sockets. The sound emitted by these rat repellents is of high frequency which is of the range of about twenty thousand hertz and cause distress in the ears of the rats and mice. Thus the rats flee from the area of the house when they hear this sound. Thus these eco-friendly rat repellents simply help to repel the rats and mice from the house clearly and effectively without creating any pollution.


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